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Central Florida Commonly Asked Fencing Questions and Answers

General Fence Questions

What questions should I ask before I invest in a fence?

  • Is there a warranty? If so, what is it? Is it transferable?
  • Who is the manufacturer and how long have they been in business? 
  • Is it made in the USA?
  • What is the fencing made of?

Questions About PVC Fences

Do you put all the posts in concrete?


What's the best way to clean PVC fence?

It is recommended that you wash white fences every 12 months for maximum beauty with simple green or similar cleaner. Use a simple pump up sprayer to apply then rinse with hose. A small amount of bleach can be added if needed. Never pressure wash unless using a very low psi.

Questions About Aluminum Fences

What are the standard colors for an aluminum fence?

Aluminum fences come in black, white, or bronze powder-coated finish.

Is aluminum fencing sturdy?

Yes. It is important to match the correct grade and height of fence with each fencing application. There are three grades of “pre-fab” aluminum fencing – residential, commercial, and industrial as well as custom welded aluminum.

Questions About Wood Fences

Is cypress a good fence wood?

Yes. We have found cypress to be very functional and attractive fences. Cypress can be pre-stained and it has natural insect and decay resistance.

Is cypress treated to resist decay like Treated Pine?

Cypress is not typically treated with a preservative. It is, however, naturally resistant to decay and insect thus eliminating the need to treat with chemicals.

Where can I find information about local ordinances?

Orange County:

City of Orlando:

Lake County:

City of Apopka:

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